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RPM Alliance

RPM Alliance is a start-up founded by Dr. Ritvik Mehta, a specialist in otolaryngology/neurotology and skull base surgery. Using his network in India, Dr. Mehta built a cost-effective clinical trial and data management CRO (Contract Research Organization) with a generic name. He decided to launch a branded company to target US and International markets, which is now known as RMP Alliance.


CRO is a competitive and crowded space occupied by well-funded organizations. 


We consulted Dr. Mehta on how to position RPM to stand apart from its competitors by differentiating itself with unrelenting customer service and concierge-level user experience. In order to distinguish RPM from competitors, we created a strong, bold brand with cutting-edge graphics to convey RPM’s advanced technical capabilities.

The new brand successfully launched in the US in 2012. Business data sites report that RPM currently enjoys $25 mil/yr revenue with 125 employees.

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