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Isagenix is a network marketing firm that grew at a tremendous pace since its inception in 2002. Branding and products were developed organically and reactively - resulting in a disjointed and unmanaged brand messaging and experience. As the company poised for an aggressive expansion into international markets, it needed to clean up the brand and product UX.


Sonnyside Up (SSU) was retained to articulate a new brand positioning, redefine the brand architecture, and develop a unified design language that would bring a more cohesive product experience to its 250,000+ associates globally. 

SSU fully designed over 50 SKUs, and set design standards for another 700+ SKUs to start. SSU then developed a work-flow process and a quality control program to facilitate efficient production.

Isagenix was able to double its revenue in two years, armed with a sleek portfolio of products.

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