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Hersch Pediatric

Dentistry and Orthodontics

HPDO's branding journey started when Dr. Hersch called the New York office of one of the biggest branding agencies in the world. Their work load was a bit too full so they kindly referred Dr. Hersch to Sonnyside Up. After discussing his goals and vision followed by a discovery phase, we first recommended changing the practice name to Hersch Pediatric Dentistry (Orthodontics came later). As a part of the brand strategy, we positioned HPDO to be a premier pediatric dental care practice in Orange County and created Spinner the Surfer Boy as Dr. Hersch's avatar. Spinner became instrumental and highly prolific in all marketing pieces to connect kids and parents to the fun personality of HPDO. Marketing efforts included everything from community events, digital, to direct marketing.

HPDO grew at a healthy pace and was able to expand to a bigger space as well as adding 3 more doctors and including orthodontics as a part of their offering. A few years later, we refreshed the brand to the current blue and green colors but everything remained intact. 


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