Elemental Conspiracy

Elemental Conspiracy is an in-house lifestyle brand that we created to flex our creative and marketing muscles. Elemental Conspiracy set out to target the nerdy/hipster/ironic millennial market. Using the periodic chart graphics as the dominant theme, we created humorous, ironic "elements" that identify who you are that day or what food might be on your mind. 

Four major elemental categories were defined: Activity & Profession (What you do), Family & Relationship (Who you are), Emotions & Personality (How you feel), and finally Food & Beverages (What you consume). Over 100 element variations were produced with the idea that each element can be relatable to anyone willing to fork out their credit card. 

We produced videos, social media posts, and even launched an e-commerce store - but eventually got too busy with client projects to really pursue marketing this brand. Any PE's or VC's out there looking for a fresh brand? Contact us!

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