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Best of Organic

Best of Organic owns the dr. kellyann brand, which is sold primarily online to loyal followers of TV personality, Dr. Kellyann. The company’s goal is to grow aggressively in the next 5 years. They initially hired Sonnyside Up (SSU) to 1. freshen up existing dr. kellyann packaging, and 2. design packaging for a line of dog supplement, ms. mae. It became clear quickly that Best of Organic needed a different business strategy. Future growth of the company and investor interest couldn’t be dependent on a personality-based brand. SSU recommended keeping dr. kellyann’s online presence but build a new brand for retail channels such as CVS, Costco and Walmart. SSU developed the retail-focused name pure+simple and new packaging design. In addition, SSU came up with a sister brand, pure+renew for the beauty category. 

The brands are currently being launched in select markets.

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